Sunday, 2 November 2014

PNP MTB Spring Series Round4

The last time I raced in Belmont was in 2009; and some of my memories were somewhat less than pleasant. They mainly involved taking 2:39 to finish D Grade, lots of pine needles, and pushing my bike up Danzig as it (my bike) was completely clogged with mud. It’s safe to say that this time my memories will be of some awesome descents and gruelling climbs- so a hunk better.
I missed the official pre-ride, as I was working in the awesome shop known to many as Mud Cycles. But I was lucky enough to have Marco take me for a pre-ride of the B course.  The course was cool, and way different to what I was expecting – which as bad as it sounds was a great thing.
Wellington kindly put on its best winds for race day, which just added to the hectic excitement. With a cool course and cool competitors it was an awesome race. Although I didn’t make the podium I was happy with my 4th place in the Open Women field.
The race was really well run, the guys at PNP did a good show- probably my favourite race in the series so far. Huge thanks to Bamba for the awesome trails, I’m excited for the building of new ones- they’ll be awesome. Thanks to Marco for the pre-ride, it’s definitely way better racing when you know what the course is like. A ginormous thanks to Mum and Dad, for all the support they give me, plus all the driving around. All the thanks in the world go to MUD Cycles for their amazing support, in sponsoring me and giving me a job. There’s an awesome crew of guys in there- you should head on down and check it (MUD) out.

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