Sunday, 16 November 2014

PNP Spring Series Round 5

Unfortunately good things can’t last forever, as this year’s PNP Series was a good thing it too ended. With beautiful weather, trails, riders and organisers, the finale was one worth remembering. The organisers had decided to introduce a new idea- giving riders an option on where to go.
The option of different routes caused some pretty serious debate – which was faster, less energy draining etc.  Different to the other races there was a mass start of all the A, B and C riders- straight up the 4WD to the summit.
Racing in Open Women was the same amount of fun as normal- just with a lot more pain. Having done next to no training because of the lovely experience known as exams, I really noticed just how long the climb is to the summit.
I ended up getting 5th for this race and I loved every minute of it – in a special masochistic way. But the race podium wasn’t the only thing being awarded- the series one was. The podium went to the very deserving Sasha Smith, Jacquie O’Hagan and Margaret Leyland- I’m pretty sure I managed to score the 4th place.
None of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the huge crowd of people supporting me. There’s PNP MTB Club that run these events- giving me the opportunity to race. Huge thanks to MUD Cycles for sponsoring me and giving me huge amounts of help- and putting up with near daily visits with various questions.  The next on the list is Kim and Lisa; they have helped me out hugely- giving me various bits of advice, and believing in me. Last but not least are Mum and Dad; they take me out to all the races, deal with my teen girl problems and still manage to support and believe in me in a way that no one else can.

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