Saturday, 22 November 2014

Women of Dirt!!

I seem to have a habit of agreeing to do races fairly last minute (Karapoti and CX Nationals) - and this time was no exception.  Bex Houston asked me to be part of her team the week before at the last round of the PNP Spring series, so of course I agreed, and our duo team was formed.
The weather in true Wellington fashion put on a delightful show of low cloud and strong winds- which was actually pretty good for doing a 6hr relay in. To avoid getting too cold between our turns we decided to do one lap each and then swap. Our tactics seemed to work pretty well as we managed to score the win by a lap, but we weren’t the only winners on the day. All the crazy women that decided to do the 6hrs as a solo definitely deserve some kind of prize!!
With a cool course- going up some down tracks and vice versa the day was very enjoyable!! Somehow I managed to pull out the fastest lap of the day and did 45km (ish) – and loved every minute of it!
Awesome races like this don’t happen without tons of support- so awesome job by all the Revolve ladies for managing to put on an awesome race for the 4th time! Also thanks to Bex Houston for being an awesome team-mate and asking me to be in her team!! Other thanks go to all the guys at MUD Cycles for the insane amount of support they give me, for racing and just general bike stuff! A Huge thanks goes to Mum and Dad for all the support they give me!!

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