Sunday, 3 August 2014

Santoft Sizzler

Every child loves going away without parents- at 15 some of that thrill is still there. Though now it’s more just the chance to show them that, yes, you can look after yourself (to an extent). As Sandtoft was all the way up in Bulls we had to get there early. So on the Saturday (the day before) we (me, Kim, Lisa and Nic) went for a girls ride in Makara, which was pretty fun. Then it was a rush to get back to mine, grab my stuff, pick up Ryan Hunt and then head to Kim and Lisa’s.
We managed to get to the Hutt and clean the bikes before it got dark, which I though was pretty impressive. More impressive than their quick bike cleaning and the comfy double bed I slept in was that we had pizza for dinner, and yes, it was one each.
It was an early start the next morning (5 o’clock for me), we managed to pack the car and put the bikes on the roof so that we were away more or less when we planned to be. When we got to Santoft it was pouring and cold- just like it had been in Wellington. Lisa and I quickly decided that we would all just ride for a set amount of time. Her and Nic were going to do 1 ½ hours and I was going to do the rest (you had to have gotten your last lap started by the 5hr mark).
It was pretty fun attempting at support crewing for the Cowbell solo riders- I like to think I was more help than hindrance, even if I did drop a bottle (sorry Kim!!). I also dabbled in recording lap time for Kim, Lisa and Nic-any excuse not to do that algebra practice test that was waiting for me.
Racing the course was pretty fun- there was amazing grip because of the wet sandy soil, and there wasn’t too much up. Unfortunately that also meant there wasn’t much down-or recovery areas. But the course was well designed as there were lots of places to pass- I like think I did more passing than being passed.
It was an amazing weekend away; I had lots of fun with some awesome people. Obviously it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have amazing support from a ton of people. Some are; Mum and Dad- ‘nough said. Kim, for pushing (not literally) me along- probably the hardest three laps I did with her behind me. Lisa, for letting me be in her team- we went with ‘Team Beast Mode’ for a name. And of course all the guys at mud for servicing my bike, and putting up with me popping in there once or twice a week with various queries.

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