Sunday, 18 May 2014

Wainui 6hr Worlds

We had a pretty awesome team for this (if I may say so myself) with Lisa Morgan and Nic Johnson I was in with some pretty talented riders. I was really looking forward to this race as I’d heard about it and seen all the fun times others had had at it. I’d just gotten my new (well second-hand from Kim- but new for me) Carbon full suspension Trek Superfly, so it was going to be my first race and second ride on it. The masochistic part of me was pretty excited because they were making me do double laps.
Mum took me to Wainui super early so that Ricky and I could do some pre riding of B-line Extension and Snail Trail. Ricky had just started to give me descending coaching so my skills were better so I was feeling a bit more confident about the descents – I was pretty shocked when I actually caught and passed people gong down!
Of course with all good things there are some drawbacks, unfortunately for me I had to try to study for my maths internal that was coming up. That didn’t stop me from having good yarns with Nic, Lisa and Amy Champion.
In the end we won with us doing 11 laps.  Although it was a long and tough day and I was exhausted by the end I had an awesome time hanging with awesome people and riding an awesome bike. I wouldn’t have been able to race if it wasn’t for Lisa asking me to be in her team (and coaching me!!), Kim selling me her Superfly cheap, Ricky and the guys at Mud for putting my bike together and giving me XT componentry on loan. And of course Ricky for giving me the descending coaching.

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