Sunday, 24 August 2014


The local Cyclocross series this year had new management, new name, and new awesome experiences! With 6 races and one more or less every two weeks the Cyclocross season lasted a few months. With next to no experience racing Cyclocross I was pretty nervous before the first race. Luckily I had Lisa to run me through the basic skills you need for Cyclocross, namely dismounting and remounting. You’d be surprised by how much time you can gain with smooth remounts.
The first round was a fun new experience that made me keen for more of the masochistic fun we call Cyclocross. The second round had the whole ‘family outing’ effect going for it, as Mum and Dad thankfully took us (me and Jonny) out and did the timing.  With the whole family (minus my two older sisters) it was a fun outing- there was the added fact the Lisa let me ride her super light Carbon CX bike, with the promise of being able to use it at the next round, as she and Kim were going to Canada.
Unfortunately for me Round 3 never happened, as I was sick. But Round 4 came before my CX withdrawal got too large.  Lisa let me use her bike again and said that I could use it for the rest of the season which was pretty awesome. Round 4 was good fun and I could see how I’d improved in both skills and strength.
Round 5 was probably my favourite round, the weather wasn’t too freezing, and I was feeling good despite having nearly 3 weeks off the bike.  It being my favourite was partially due to the fact that at the end Kim and Lisa said that I was looking strong and that they’d be keen to take me to CX nationals, but hey, why not?
The final round, in true Hüttcross style, was dress up. After a panicked run around the day before I finally had a costume. It was good fun seeing some of the costumes people rocked up in, ranging from Alex Revell to Wonder Woman. The only thing I regret about Round 6 is the fact the riding in a black Cat Woman outfit gets hot, really hot. And the long legs get covered in mud, and the mask limits your vision significantly. Despite all of that round 6 was amazing fun and a great way to end an awesome cyclocross season.
The cyclocrossing couldn’t have happened with the amazing Hüttcross crew, Tom Lynskey, Calum Chamberlain and Andy King to name a few. My own cyclocross season couldn’t have happened without Mum and Dad for their amazing support and getting up early to take me out there. Kim and Lisa for their support, belief in me and the use of Lisa’s bike. Ricky, Don and Dave at Mud Cycles for the awesome bike support, and their belief in me.

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