Sunday, 7 September 2014

PNP MTB Spring Series Round 1

I was pretty nervous about this race, but hey, when am I not? I decided to race Open Women for some tough racing with longer distances, and there was the added bonus of racing with some really cool chicks!
Racing B grade was a big step up compared to what I was used to, and I loved it. Although I finished near the back of the field, I enjoyed it. As the course was exactly the same as A, I convinced my self that it didn’t matter if I was feeling slow, I was racing at a level I never had before.
As Kim and Peg were racing in A, I was up against Jacquie O’Hagan and Bex Houston, not the best for my nerves. I did however manage to keep Jacquie in sight for half of the short lap, and managed to keep close (ish) to Bex.  I ended up finishing third in B Grade Open Women, Jacquie winning and Bex getting second.  This was a great bonus for my confidence as a few day before I’d come off on deliverance, despite having ridden it all before.

I wouldn’t have been able to race if it wasn’t for the guys at PNP organising it, so that there was a race to be raced. Huge thanks to Ricky, Don and Dave at Mud Cycles for officially sponsoring me, and giving me a loaner wheel. Let’s just say having a broken free hub 5 days before a race is really not good.  Of course there’s also Kim and Lisa for their amazing support and belief in me, even when I feel pretty slow.  There’s also Mum and Dad for their awesome support, funding and belief in my ability.

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