Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day Night Thriller

I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous for something that I wasn’t racing- that’s including mock exams. I went up solely as support for Kim, Lisa and Ryan, trying to help them out as they help me out so much. Kim and Ryan were doing the 12 hours solo and Lisa did the three hour solo, my job was to do lap times, give them food and generally just look after them. Which is a pretty full on job.
The weather was doing its best to imitate Scotland, wet and cold, which I guess was good as it was meant to be a dry run for Kim and Ryan before they head of to World 24 hour Solo Champs- I think it was a bit more of a wet run though (ignore the bad joke if you wish).
I think I did an alright job of looking after Kim and Ryan while they were out as they didn’t die but did manage to get first and third overall (respectively). It was a long day in the easy up but it was an experience that I’m glad to have, it allowed me to understand just how important nutrition is and appreciate how important it is getting support from others.
It was an awesome weekend away and surprisingly stress relieving- who knew that putting off internals for a weekend relieved stress! I’m super glad I went and am stoked that I could try help Kim and Lisa out given how much they help me.

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