Sunday, 21 September 2014

PNP MTB Spring Series Round 2

This time the race doubled as Club Champs and was out at Wainui. I decided to race C grade and Under 19 for this round as the technicality and length was going to be similar to what Schools Nationals is going to be like (and Lisa told me to!).
As it was club champs there were three races, a XC, a Super D and a Criterium. I know - an off road Crit!! It also meant that the races weren’t too long, which was good because the weather really wasn’t in a good mood.

I had just gotten my super cool Mud Cycles kit so what’s a better way to christen it than get it covered in mud? With the XC race first and having pre-ridden it two day before with Ricky I wasn’t too nervous- for once. I managed to finish in more or less 45 minutes.
After a haul up to the top of Freewheel it was time to Super D. The Super D went down Freewheel and Beeline, so it was on some fun, zoomy and slightly technical tracks. I managed to ride everything alright- and I didn’t wall ride the first drop on Beeline Extension like I might have on the Friday with Ricky.
I was really impressed with how the Crit was run; with two laps of a short course it was just the way to end a long day in the saddle. They also gave us women a head start so that we could have our own race.  
The whole day was lots of fun and a good learning experience. It was great to be able to compare myself to bro Jonny and Cowbell crewmate Ryan. Although it was gutting that I wasn’t eligible to be club champion as I’d raced in C grade rather than D. But I did manage to come away with 8th overall in C and an alright time in the Super D. So it was a good day!
Huge thanks to the Guys at Mud for the bike help, Ricky for giving me descending coaching and taking me for a pre- ride. Kim and Lisa for all the support they give me. And Mum and Dad for the rides out there and all the amazing support they give me.

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