Saturday, 18 July 2015

CX Nationals 2015

The time of year has once again come where the battle for best cyclocrosser in New Zealand is fought, AKA CX nationals. This year it was down in the ever warm Dunedin which comes hand in hand with a long roadie. With the excessive sounding four bikes for two people racing we were off and down south we went.
Cyclocross is a special sport, the easiest way to describe it is ‘riding around on muddy paddocks on a bike that looks like a road bike but isn’t.’ Despite what it might sound it is definitely one of the best codes in cycling!
The race started with the excitement of being called up to the front as I raced at nationals last year, and the nervous excitement stayed for the first few laps. With Shannon Hope also in my grade I was keen to race to my max- which I reckon I did. Even though the weather was super warm at roughly 2 degrees with the occasional snow shower I still managed to charge- and ended up winning! The guys at Cycle World ran an epic race with a really nice course with a lot of variety in surface.
The epic looking trophy and awesome Huttcross cap!
The other Wellington riders did pretty well too! With my fab brother Jonny placing 3rd in U19 men with a stunner of a race. Brendan Sharratt placed 3rd in open men despite his derailleur snapping on the last lap. Peg Leyland also podium in her grade. Dean Johansson also did a really strong race!
This year’s journey to nationals wasn’t quite as last minute as last year and it wouldn’t have happened without some amazing people supporting me. First up is Dad and his amazing work in the pits and driving me down to Dunedin and back- I really couldn’t have raced without him! Second up is MUD Cycles who did the last minute bike check the day before we left Wellington, the guys in that shop do an amazing job of looking after me and my bikes! Also there are the amazing organisers of Hüttcross who supported me going to nationals and they run an awesome series to train/ race in! Also Avanti Plus Kapiti let me borrow one of their hire Cyclocross bikes to use as a back. Nationals this year was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for Hüttcross next week!

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