Thursday, 12 November 2015

2015 PNP Spring Series

The PNP Spring Series, one of the best annual MTB series in the country- and something I always look forward to racing in. With Under 19 women officially racing in C grade I was pretty excited for what the committee had in store for this year. With 5 races in various venues across Wellington, with a range of pure cross country, enduro and endurance races this year’s series was one of the best yet.
The first race was at Makara, and for once Wellington weather was actually smiling down on us all- and tan lines might have reformed over the course of the race. With Khulan racing in C as well I was kept on my pedals and definitely had a good race on an awesome course.  And it was exciting having a nearly full podium.
 The second round was at Wainui, and the weather was almost complete opposite. The best way to describe the course was Muddy. With it pouring down the night before the race the day was overcast (and freezing), but still fun to race in. With Khulan and Izy Alloway racing it was pretty rad that we managed to get a full podium despite the weather!
The third round, the most cross country enduro to ever exist- so the only one that I’ve ever done. As it was at Makara this year, it was good racing down my local trails. With each grade doing a different combination of Peak flow (the sick new(ish) trail), North Face and Ridgeline there was definitely a range of trails to be ridden.
Having missed the Belmont round the next Race I did was the final round, at Mt Vic. If there is one word that captures every single Mt Vic race, it would be steep. So naturally this was no different. But it was still a pretty fun day. With being assigned to do 4 laps of the course, it was always going to be a long day. This round I got to enjoy the company of Khulan as we ended up racing round the course together- which was good fun! It was pretty awesome that we managed to get 4 girls racing this round!!
It would have been impossible to go to any of the races without the help I got from absolutely everybody! Cheers to everyone that came out and pre-rode the courses with me, racing a course blind isn’t a lot of fun! And to Mum and Dad for driving me round Wellington to pre-ride said courses.  Also thanks to everybody that gave me lifts to the various races! Mostly I want to thanks Mud Cycles for supporting me and my bike- and giving me endless encouragement (I even got baggies!). The boys at Mud are some of the best out there- with some of the best banter, as well as support! Can’t wait for the rest of the summer- after exams that is!

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