Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wainui 6hr Worlds 2015

Despite Wellington putting on one of its best storms, the weather and the tracks held up pretty well for the whole day.  This year I was in a team with Dylan Reid and Maxwell Wickens, and it was a very fun day out. The atmosphere of the day was amazing, as always, with lots of different people there that I knew and getting to meet some new faces- namely the trackie/ roadie Izy Alloway.

By the end of the day the three of us (me, Dylan and Max) clocked up 14 laps  taking 2nd place in the mixed team category, with Team Cowbell Factory Racing took up 1st with a crazy 17 laps ( they won the day).

One of the best things about Wainui worlds and events similar to it is the atmosphere- everyone’s there to have fun, hence the number one rule- don’t be a dick.  Also you can smash your lap and then recover with a donut and decent banter with your team mates.
Of course I wouldn’t have made it to the race if it weren’t for all the people that made it happen for me and everyone else. Firstly, there are the race organisers and the WTP (Wainui Trail Project) for making sure the tracks were in a ride-able condition after the storm, and that the whole day ran smoothly.  Of course there are my lovely parents that took me out and brought me home, and always support me no matter what I do.  Also I have the amazing guys at MUD Cycles that look after me and my bike, so I have brakes tuned to perfection.  Naturally cheers to Dylan and Max for being in a team with me!!  Looking forward to it again next year!!

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