Monday, 6 October 2014

Mountain Biking Schools Nationals -The Super D

The final day of racing was, yet again, horrible weather, having rained all Sunday night and all morning – so I was excited about the last race. It would be pretty fun freezing at the top of Signal Hill waiting to start, and then riding on greasy roots, rocks and clay.
The weather was actually so bad that they (the organisers) had to make sure people still wanted to race (which we all did), get more marshals (let’s just say a few ‘abandoned ship’) and they had to find a way for us all to get to and stay at the top with out freezing, and still have somewhere to get warm and dry at the bottom. In the end the shuttles came back so we could stay in the vans until our start.
Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long until my start with only 5 girls starting before me (3 Under13’s and 2 Under15’s). The race wasn’t too long, but was cold and wet and muddy. So a good and proper MTB race!
Overall Wellington did pretty well in both this stage and overall, George got second in U15 boys Super D.  Jonti got third in U20 girls, Eden won overall for his grade and for the Super D, and Hamish Paice got fifth in U16 Boys.  Dylan Reid and Callum Hancock got third and fourth in U14 boys, respectively.
I wouldn’t have been able to race if it wasn’t for the good organising done by Mountain Biking Otago, so big ups to them for a well run 3 days of racing. Also huge thanks to Mud Cycles for their support and sponsorship. There are also Kim and Lisa who give me huge amounts of support- advice, belief and coaching. And lastly Mum and Dad, they put up with my moods, pre-race nerves, pay for accommodation and travel. They are the best parents out there I reckon.

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