Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mountain Biking Schools Nationals - The Cross Country

As forecasted it snowed overnight, even so, it was a shock when I looked out the window and saw a fine covering of that powdery white substance. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed so warmly for biking-2 sets of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 base layers, my Mud top and a jacket. And no, I didn’t over heat, I only got to ‘comfortably warm’ in my last lap.
We managed to avoid being out in the snow until George and I had to warm up, although that didn’t really happen. Serious, full 30 minutes with sprints and all, but by the start my legs had turned back to ice. They were racing the Under 16’s and Under 15’s together, so it was a pretty crowded start line. I managed to get myself into the 4th row, so I started in front of the other chicks- why they all went to the back, I don’t know. So with a cold start the XC began.
It was a pretty neat course, very swoopy. I had a lot of fun out there even though Eden Cruise lapped me. In my defence it was 6 laps and this is Eden Cruise we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the other girls at all during the race- which was a good thing. I also had mum and dad giving me approximate splits between me and the next chick.
The other Wellington riders did pretty good.  George was leading Under 15 boys until a tree jumped out at him and broke his chain.  Eden won Under 16’s – was a bit of a laugh when he was accidently put down as an under 16 girl. Robbie Bradshaw got 5th in Under 17 boys. Jed McDermott got 4th in Under 20 boys. And that’s only the top 5’s; with about 11 riders from Wellington I reckon we all did pretty well.
Of course no race is possible without its organisers- so cheers to Mountain Biking Otago for a well run event.  No bike is rideable without maintenance so cheers to Mud Cycles for making sure my bike is in tip top condition- and that’s all the time. No rider can race without support, so cheers to Mum and Dad for their tremendous help driving me round, and be awesome parents. Also helping on the mental side of things were Kim and Lisa, giving me tips on how to make sure I was in the right mental space before the race.

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