Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wellington MTB Club Champs

Having been too sick to do Karapoti I was pretty excited and nervous to do a race. Coming into the race I wasn’t expecting to be a super star or anything, my main goal was just to have fun- which I did.  This year I’ve learnt lots of things; key ones being that level 2 is a big jump from level 1, and bikes will always be there to ride but school won’t always be there to pass.  So since Karapoti I’ve been focusing on doing well at school, so cycling has taken a bit of a backseat. That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed the same masochistic training sessions.
As I hadn’t done any races since the start of March I felt like I’d been hibernating for the last two months so I was pretty excited to catch up with everyone that I hadn’t seen for ages. I was also pretty excited about this race, having Under 19 Women officially race C grade and the awesome Wainui trails it was shaping up to be fun.  The day had three different races, a Cross Country, Super D and short course Criterium.  All were fun and challenging in different ways.
I wouldn’t have been able to race at all if it weren’t for all the people supporting me. My parents do an amazing job of driving me all around Wellington so I can pre ride courses and get to races. They have a huge role in my support system and are really invaluable! Also the awesome shop, MUD Cycles, have supported me in every choice I make.  They also look after me and my bike perfectly – and have some A-class banter!! I wouldn't be able to race withouta functioning bike!  I also want to give a special mention to my brother Jonny- despite abandoning ship and moving to Palmerston North for uni he still manages to give me a lot of support- miss you heaps!!
Looking forward to an action packed May!!

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