Sunday, 18 January 2015

NZ MTB CUP- Round 2- Mt Vic

After about a month with no races and the somewhat boring emptiness of school holiday, I was fairly excited about this race. With the release of NCEA results days before I was in a pretty good mood (I got excellence in case you were wondering) and was happy with the course (even if there was a tad too much up).
Being a Cup round quite a few people came from all over New Zealand, meaning I had someone to race against, and Sam Gaze was there.
The race was just as tough as I expected (if not a lot more) and although Jess Manchester (the other girl) thoroughly beat me I still had lots of fun. If anything it was good to be beaten because it made me aware of the standard I need to get to if I want to race competitively.
Although I only got second I feel like the race was a huge success, I raced as hard as I could, I rode all the descents fine so I’m confident in my ability, and I know more about who I’ll be up against in the future. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to make race day if it weren’t for the huge crowd of people supporting me.  Lisa at Cowbell coaching for making sure that my legs were able to turn fast on race day and will be able to recover so I can hit the Taupo Round on the 7th of Feb.  All the guys at MUD Cycles helping me out and making sure that my bike can make it round the course running smooth as!! – The new forks are pretty awesome to race on!! Ryan Hunt for all his tips and inside info on the competition (AKA who would be there). Also helping in the tips department are Kim, Ricky and Lisa all helping me figure out lines (like watch out for that rut, if you take it wrong you might break your hand) and talking me through the course- Extremely useful two days before the race when you’re having a bit of a nerves attack!! Of course there’s all the driving around that Mum and Dad do for me, as well as the insane amounts of support and encouragement they give me! Looking forward to Taupo in a few weeks time!

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